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Victor Quintanilla Sangüeza


Parrotfish. | Credit: Adrian Maidment / Flickr.

The best thing we can do to keep corals healthy is to protect the herbivorous fish that call them home.

Victor Quintanilla Sangüeza

AIDA’s attorneys both hail from and live in Latin America, fostering a profound respect for the region’s natural environment and those who depend so intimately on it.

Victor Quintanilla Sangüeza

Flaring at the Scott Township fracking well in Pennsylvania.

Flaring at the Scott Township fracking well in Pennsylvania. | Credit: WCN 24/7.

In Argentina, the environmental authority granted a permit for Petrolera El Trebol to explore and exploit four oil wells conventionally (without using fracking) near Llancanelo Lagoon, a wetland of international importance. Months later, the company decided to frack the wells. The government...

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