Indigenous Communities

Indigenous and riverine communities affected by the construction of a dam on Río San Pedro Mezquital asked that the Pope intercede on their behalf before the Mexican government during his visit to the country.Read more
The Federal Regional Court of the First Region overturned the preliminary decision suspending the operating license of the Belo Monte Dam.Read more
In their technical analysis of the Belo Monte Dam released yesterday, the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) concluded that the conditions required to approve Belo Monte’s Operating License have not yet been met.Read more
Indifference to life and health in Peru

Peruvian children. Credit: Dave Austria/Creative Commons.

By María José Veramendi Villa, @MaJoVeramendi In Peru, every year around 400 children die of cold. I learned this dramatic figure a few weeks ago when I read a column titled “Dying from Indifference,” by Congresswoman Veronika Mendoza. I asked with genuine indignation: How is it possible that...
Belo Monte: Determined to achieve justice

Chief Raoni of the Caiapo tribe from the Amazon basin demonstrates against the construction of the planned Belo Monte hydroelectric dam in Brasilia, February 8, 2011.. Crédito: International Rivers/Creative Commons.

By Flavia Amaral, AIDA attorney As construction of the world’s third-largest hydroelectric dam, Belo Monte , moves forward, social impacts and unrest continue. In the coming few months, close to 2,000 families are scheduled to be relocated from their homes in Altamira, on the Xingu River in Brazil...
Plan Colombia: Aerial Spraying in Colombia

In 2000, the governments of Colombia and the United States launched Plan Colombia, a program designed to destroy coca and poppy crops cultivated to produce cocaine and heroin. The multimillion-dollar program involves the repeated spraying of highly concentrated glyphosate and other...

During the People's Summit in Lima, a parallel event to the UN Climate Conference of December 2014, we launched a campaign alongside 200 civil society...

Seeking financial commitments and sustainable solutions at the UN Climate Change Conference

UN Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru. Credit: UNFCCC/Flickr.

The most important global meeting on climate change is nearing, and expectations are high. The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP20), in Lima December 1-12, is expected to conclude with a draft of a new global agreement on climate change, which will be signed in 2015. The conference also...
They also asked that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) urge the State to adequately attend to the victims of the forced displacement caused by the “development” projects, and to begin a dialogue between the victims and the authorities seeking effective solutions to the problem.Read more