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Excmo. Sr. Luciano Coutinho Presidente del Banco Nacional de Desarrollo Económico y Social – BNDES Río de Janeiro, Brasil Las organizaciones de la sociedad civil abajo firmantes, comprometidas con la defensa de los derechos humanos, el desarrollo con responsabilidad socioambiental y el...Read more
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To combat climate change, low-carbon projects such as wind farms must be promoted. But despite the urgency for renewable energy, these projects must be carried out in a sustainable and equitable fashion. This article is an open call to Mexico and the world to improve planning and development...Read more
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 29, 2012 Media Contacts: Astrid Puentes, AIDA, , +52 1-55 2301-6639 Brent Millikan, International Rivers, +55 61 8153-7009 Maíra Irigaray, Amazon Watch, +1 415 622-8606 Amidst criticism,...Read more
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contacts: Brent Millikan, International Rivers , +55 61 8153-7009 Andrew Miller, Amazon Watch , +1 202 423 4828 Joelson Calvacante, Inter-American Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA) jcavalcante@aida-americas...Read more
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Astrid Puentes Riaño, Co-Director, AIDA, (+52) 155-2301-6639, Kristen Genovese, CIEL, (+31) 0652-773-272, Jen Moore, MiningWatch, (+1) 613-569-3439, Miguel Ramos, Comité por la Defensa del Agua, (+...Read more
International Groups Denounce Attempts to Criminalize Civil Society Leaders before OAS and UN Human Rights Bodies.Read more
The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) asked the Brazilian government to explain reports of poor water quality and forced evictions in indigenous communities affected by the construction of the Belo Monte Dam in the Xingu River Basin.Read more
Government refuses to meet affected community leaders at Human Rights Commission.Read more

On January 23, 2008, the Colombian Constitutional Court declared the Forest Law of 2006 to be unconstitutional and therefore, invalid, because lawmakers did not consult with indigenous, afrodescendant, and tribal communities during development of the law as required. 

This decision...

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