Promoting Public Participation

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) called on Mexican authorities to respond by January 8, 2014 to a complaint of breaching environmental legislation in the permits for four mega resorts.Read more
Unprecedented decision calls for transparency in use of taxpayer funds, critics say.Read more
Organizations, movements and civil society groups from developing countries -with decades of experience working for the rights and aspirations of peoples and communities- express their unified call for the adoption of the most robust environmental and social protections at the Green Climate Fund.Read more
The organizations signing the declaration regret that " the Forum was far from a plural confluence of diverse actors. In the seven panels that made up the two days of the event, 47 people participated, of which only 10% came from communities affected by business activities or human rights NGOs...Read more
Indigenous people affected by the Belo Monte Dam in Brazil's Amazon

Indigenous people affected by the Belo Monte Dam in Brazil's Amazon. Credit: Amazon Watch-Maíra Irigaray.

We see it time and again. Industries spew toxic pollutants into the air. Fracking fouls water with poisonous chemicals. Large dams flood people out of their villages. Mines ruin farmland. People lose their health, their jobs, their access to water, even their homes. All of these...

On January 23, 2008, the Colombian Constitutional Court declared the Forest Law of 2006 to be unconstitutional and therefore, invalid, because lawmakers did not consult with indigenous, afrodescendant, and tribal communities during development of the law as required. 

This decision...

International Financial Institutions (IFIs) have a significant influence on large infrastructure projects and energy development in the western hemisphere. Many of them finance projects that accelerate climate change. These include large dams that emit methane gas, mines that disturb...

Red Chris Mine

Victory in Court, yet decision on mine still pending

The Klappan River Valley in northern British Columbia is a remote, pristine area known for its beautiful rivers and lakes, large mammals and highly productive salmon runs. Unfortunately for the people and wildlife that live there, it...