Threatened Ecosystems

Sea life in Cabo Pulmo National Park. | Credit: Alejandro Olivera

Cabo Pulmo is an ecological treasure in Baja California Sur, Mexico. More than 20,000 years old, it is one of three coral reefs on the American Pacific coast. Many of the 800 marine species in the Sea of ​​Cortez take refuge at the reef, which studies show plays a key role in the ecology of the...

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For the first time in Costa Rica, a high court cancelled a large-scale mining concession because it violated national laws and posed environmental risks.

In November 2010, the Highest Administrative Tribunal of Costa Rica cancelled the concession granted to Infinito...

ONG S PIDEN INTERVENCIÓN INTERNACIONAL POR AMENAZAS A HUMEDALES DE N AYARIT Y S INALOA • Organizaciones ambientalistas piden intervención de la Secretaría de RAMSAR por amenaza a ecosistemas vitales de Nayarit y Sinaloa • Solicitan una misión diplomática internacional ante la Secretaría RAMSAR, en...Read more
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Coiba Aerial View

AIDA strives to strengthen and promote the creation of marine protected areas as a tool for preserving marine biodiversity. Coiba National Park in Panama is one important marine area we seek to protect because of its incredible biodiversity and the benefits it brings to the...

Tortuga Verdes

In February of 1999, the Constitutional Court in Costa Rica declared an end to the "lawful" killing of endangered green sea turtles. The ruling is an important victory for the green sea turtle and potentially other species left vulnerable by their host countries.

Costa Rica...

Tortugas baulas

In two separate rulings in May 2008, the Costa Rican government stood up for endangered leatherback sea turtles against business interests intent on building within their protected habitat.

A relative of dinosaurs, the endangered leatherback sea turtle has continually found...

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Astrid Puentes, AIDA (510) 550-6753 Gastón Chillier, WOLA (202) 797-2171 US CONGRESS CONDITIONS ANTI-NARCOTICS SPRAYING IN COLOMBIAN NATIONAL PARKS OAKLAND, CA, DECEMBER 10, 2003 — For the first time, the US Congress has officially acknowledged that US...Read more