Toxic Pollution

Having to do with toxic elements.

Girl in La Oroya

Girl in La Oroya, Perú. Credit: Giuliano Koren.

Juana is tired. She and her neighbors have been waiting eight years for a ruling; eight years for a decision that could better their lives, clean their air, attend to their sick children and families. What began as a courageous and hopeful quest for justice has become a discouraging waiting game...
The ozone layer

The ozone layer works as a natural solar filter. Credit: NASA.

By Laura Yaniz In Mexico, on September 16th, people rest from a night of partying, and so does the sky. In that country, Independence Day begins contaminated by the excessive fireworks used in patriotic celebrations. The irony is that, worldwide, that same day is reserved to celebrate the...
Indifference to life and health in Peru

Peruvian children. Credit: Dave Austria/Creative Commons.

By María José Veramendi Villa, @MaJoVeramendi In Peru, every year around 400 children die of cold. I learned this dramatic figure a few weeks ago when I read a column titled “Dying from Indifference,” by Congresswoman Veronika Mendoza. I asked with genuine indignation: How is it possible that...
New Zealand sets shameful emission-reduction target, completely ignores public consultation

These billowing plumes from a smokestack are mostly water vapor, but there is pollution mixed in with it. It's just invisible things like CO2. Credit: Ribarnica/Creative Commons.

By Natalie Jones Natalie is a legal intern on the Climate Change team at AIDA, based in Mexico City. She is a delegate to COP21 with the New Zealand Youth Delegation, and volunteers for NZ youth climate group Generation Zero. In this post, she covers an issue AIDA is following closely in Latin...
Plan Colombia: Aerial Spraying in Colombia

In 2000, the governments of Colombia and the United States launched Plan Colombia, a program designed to destroy coca and poppy crops cultivated to produce cocaine and heroin. The multimillion-dollar program involves the repeated spraying of highly concentrated glyphosate and other...

AIDA calls on the National Environmental Licensing Agency to immediately cancel the permit authorizing the chemical spraying program.Read more
Less than 24 hours before the National Narcotics Council decides whether to suspend the spraying, organizations deliver a citizens’ petition seeking a halt to social and environmental damages.Read more
A citizen petition was released by the website addressed to President Juan Manuel Santos and the National Narcotics Council. It requested that such fumigations are suspended because they damage the environment, human health and may cause cancer.Read more
Glyphosate, the herbicide used to eradicate crops considered illicit in Colombia, has been classified as a substance probably carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.Read more

During the People's Summit in Lima, a parallel event to the UN Climate Conference of December 2014, we launched a campaign alongside 200 civil society...