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Coordinating the Environmental Justice Network of Bolivia

With the objective of contributing to the defense of a healthy environment, the Environmental Justice Network of Bolivia is a space for organizations and individuals to develop joint strategies using legal and academic tools.

Following the success of the Environmental Justice Network of Colombia, AIDA launched the Bolivian network in 2016 to address the particular needs of that country. The initiative is currently made up of various Bolivian civil society organizations and independent experts in environmental justice.

Its objective is to promote public debate among actors in civil society and the academic sphere, generate information, and strengthen actions for the protection of the human right to a healthy environment and the rights of Mother Earth, as well as the sustainable use of our natural resources.

What the Network is doing

  • Organizing seminars, forums and other events to build capacity and develop common agendas to confront key environmental issues.
  • Constructing arguments and concrete proposals to advance environmental justice.
  • Improving the collective learning, growth and coordination between people and organizations.
  • Sharing useful information simply and clearly, prioritizing the use of social media and other means of direct communication.
  • Promoting the development of more effective environmental policies in the local, departmental and national spheres.

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