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2020 Annual Report



This year’s unprecedented events have forced us all to slow down and think deeply about our lives, families, and futures; about the people and places we hold most dear.

The pandemic, climate crisis, and global economic decline have and will hit some of us far harder than others, laying bare systemic inequalities built into the very fabric of our societies. It’s clear that we can’t go back.

Yet governments and industry across Latin America are pushing an economic recovery based on business as usual, entrenched in resource extraction and megaprojects that destroy our natural environment and harm the communities that best protect it.

As global citizens, we must ask ourselves: What’s next?

At AIDA, we believe there’s another way. We have the opportunity to build a better world, collectively, and we know AIDA’s team of attorneys and scientists can help get us there.

That’s why we’re working to bring climate cases before the courts, advocating for a just transition away from fossil fuels while holding governments and financial institutions accountable, and strengthening land rights by working together with our planet’s greatest stewards—the indigenous and traditional communities who know it best. Through decades of work, we’ve learned that there can be no justice until the most vulnerable among us are included as part of the solution.

Creating a just future will require innovation and tenacity, and it needs all of us to show up. We invite you to join us for what lies ahead.


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