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Our Team

All of our attorneys were born in Latin America and work in the region, as do many of the other members of our team. Our team works in offices in South America, Central America and North America.


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Anna Cederstav
Interim Executive Director
United States
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Andrés Ángel
Scientific Advisor, Freshwater Program
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Liliana Ávila
Senior Attorney, Human Rights and the Environment Program
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Emilia Carrara
Development Coordinator
United States
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Javier Dávalos Gonzalez
Senior Attorney, Climate Change Program
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Daniela García Aguirre
Fellow, Clean Air Initiative
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Maria José Gonzalez-Bernat
Scientific Advisor, Marine & Coastal Protection
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María Angélica Londoño
Administrative/Organizational and Human Resources Assistant
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Gladys Martínez de Lemos
Senior Attorney, Marine & Coastal Protection Program
Costa Rica
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Verónica Méndez
Fellow, Climate Change Program
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Anna Miller
Communications Manager
United States
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Fernanda Núñez Espinosa
Communications Assistant
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Florencia Ortúzar Greene
Attorney, Chile
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Rosa Peña Lizarazo
Fellow, Human Rights and Environment Program
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Victor Quintanilla Sangüeza
Communications Consultant
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Marcella Ribeiro d'Ávila Lins Torres
Attorney, Human Rights and the Environment Program
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Anayantzin Robles Méndez
Administrative Manager
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Magie Rodríguez
Junior Attorney, Marine & Coastal Protection Program
Costa Rica
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Yeny Rodríguez Junco
Attorney, Freshwater Program
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Claudia Velarde Ponce de León
Attorney, Freshwater Program
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Eli Wilkins-Malloy
Development Director
United States
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Laura Yaniz
Social Media Manager

AIDA Board of Directors

Manolo Morales, Ecuador
Executive Director, ECOLEX

Jerónimo Rodriguez, Colombia
Subdirector of Natural Wealth Program, Chemonics International

Margot Venton, Canada
Staff Lawyer, Ecojustice

Chief Financial Officer
Martin Wagner, USA
International Program Director, Earthjustice 

Other members of the Board

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Peru 
Climate and Energy Practice, WWF International

Xavier Martínez Esponda, Mexico
Technical Operating Director, Mexican Environmental Law Center (CEMDA)

Monica Roa, Colombia
Attorney and defender of women’s rights

Rafael Gonzalez, Costa Rica
President, Justice for Nature (JPN)

Jennifer Astone
Principle, Integrated Capital Investing


Gustavo Alanís
President, Mexican Environmental Law Center (CEMDA)
Rafael Gonzalez
President, Justice for Nature (JPN)
Manuel Morales
President, Executive Director, ECOLEX
Jerónimo Rodriguez
Environment Program Coordinator in Colombia, German Cooperation Agency
Pedro Solano
Vice-President, Executive Director, Peruvian Society for Environmental Law (SPDA)
Margot Venton
Secretary, Staff Lawyer, Ecojustice
Martin Wagner
Chief Financial Officer, International Program Managing Attorney, Earthjustice

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