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Climate Change, Human Rights | 11 July 2024

Communities bring their voice on the climate crisis before the Inter-American Court

The convening of the peoples of the Americas to prepare for the Court's Advisory Opinion on climate emergency and human rights is above all a bet on more

Panoramic view of the Metallurgical Complex of La Orota, Peru, in 2024.

Human Rights, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 20 June 2024

La Oroya v. Peru: Historic precedent on human rights and the environment

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights set an important precedent for state oversight of industrial more

60th session of the UN Subsidiary Bodies on Climate Change in Bonn

Climate Change, Human Rights | 19 June 2024

Climate negotiations: Reflections after the Bonn meeting ahead of COP29

We share reflections on the four main topics addressed at the meeting: just transition, global accounting, the new financing target, and the Loss and Damage more

San Blas Island, Panama.

Climate Change, Human Rights | 19 June 2024

What you need to know about the “loss and damage” of the climate crisis

This issue is closely linked to climate justice, as it raises the question of who should pay for these impacts in the poorest countries, which bear little historical responsibility for the more

Aerial view of a container ship

Climate Change, Human Rights, Oceans, Toxic Pollution | 4 June 2024

Maritime shipping: what’s being done to reduce emissions?

The sector therefore needs to decarbonize its activities by reducing its emissions, both in transport and in the loading and unloading of goods at ports around the more

Melipona bee from Yucatan, Mexico.

Indigenous Rights | 20 May 2024

Native bees and indigenous peoples: an ancestral bond

In some indigenous communities, native bees are considered spiritual and symbolic beings, but they are also valued for their essential functions in sustaining more

Casas de madera a orillas del río Dulce en Guatemala

Climate Change, Human Rights | 19 April 2024

How the Inter-American Court can help protect human rights in the face of the climate emergency

The climate justice movement is growing stronger and more effective, fueled by the successes of climate litigation and key precedents such as those of the Inter-American more

Panoramic view of La Oroya, Peru, in 2016.

Human Rights, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 15 April 2024

Community of La Oroya wins landmark ruling to stop environmental damage in Latin America

After more than 20 years, the residents of the town of La Oroya in the Peruvian Andes have found justice, opening a major new avenue for protecting a healthy environment throughout the more

Aerial view of Kawésqar National Reserve, Chile

Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Oceans | 4 April 2024

The Kawésqar people and the defense of their "maritorio" in Chile

The maritorio is a concept and also a way of inhabiting and understanding the world. It evokes the image of "territory", but seen from and in the more

The smokestack of the La Oroya Metallurgical Complex in Peru, seen from a sports field.

Human Rights, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 27 March 2024

5 milestones in the "Inhabitants of La Oroya v. Peru" case ruling

Our long-fought victory before the Inter-American Court sets important precedents for all communities seeking environmental justice in the more


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