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Climate Change, Human Rights | 19 April 2024

How the Inter-American Court can help protect human rights in the face of the climate emergency

The climate justice movement is growing stronger and more effective, fueled by the successes of climate litigation and key precedents such as those of the Inter-American more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 8 March 2024

Communities in Nicaragua win Green Climate Fund withdrawal from project that violated their rights

The Green Climate Fund terminated a forestry project because the developers failed to comply with the Fund's policies and procedures on socio-environmental more

Climate Change, Human Rights, Toxic Pollution | 26 February 2024

Forest fires: How can we help prevent them?

It is essential that governments, businesses and citizens work as a team to protect forests and promote a culture that cares for the environment and all more

Climate Change, Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Oceans | 31 January 2024

Our vision for a just future

From our regional perspective, we will continue to contribute to solutions that center nature and communities, and that effectively address the continent’s social and environmental more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 31 January 2024

After COP28 in Dubai: The complex road to Baku and Belém

The fact that for the first time in almost 30 years all fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) were mentioned in the main decision of the meeting represents a before and after in climate more

Climate Change, Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Oceans, Toxic Pollution | 30 January 2024

The triple planetary crisis: What is it and what can we do about it?

It refers to three interrelated problems: climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. Each of these problems is a crisis with its own causes and effects, but all three more

Climate Change, Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Oceans | 20 December 2023

10 positive advances for the environment in Latin America in 2023

As we close 2023, let’s celebrate the agreements, decisions, and milestones that give us hope as we continue to defend the planet and all the creatures that call it more

Climate Change, Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Mining | 21 November 2023

The Alliance for the Andean Wetlands brings together organizations for the protection and conservation of wetlands

The alliance seeks to protect the water, biodiversity, territories and ways of life that depend on these ecosystems in Latin America, especially in Argentina, Bolivia and more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 10 November 2023

What makes a litigation a climate litigation?

National and international law is strengthened by the use of climate litigation and it is important to keep it alive and more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 11 October 2023

Session 2 of the 2023 GCF Watch International Webinar Series

The session centered around the monitoring of the implementation of GCF approved projects, carried out by different civil society organizations throughout the more


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