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Accountability and Transparency, Climate Change, Large Dams | 18 December 2015

Urging the Brazilian National Development Bank to Invest Responsibly

The flow of the Xingú river in the Brazilian Amazon is diminishing to a trickle, while the rainforest around it disappears. Fish and other more

Accountability and Transparency, Capacity Building, Climate Change | 10 December 2015

COP21: Mainstreaming Climate Change within Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are crucial players in the global fight against climate change. In order for countries around the world to successfully more

Accountability and Transparency, Capacity Building, Climate Change | 9 December 2015

COP21's International Human Rights Day

Programme of Events - December 10, 2015 10:00 - 10:30 Press Conference (Le Bourget, Hall 5, Press Conf. Room 2). Hosted by Office of the more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 3 December 2015

A Human Rights Based Approach to Climate in Latin America

By María José Veramendi Villa, AIDA senior attorney, and Camila Bustos, Nivela lead researcher A few days before the beginning of the more

Climate Change, Large Dams | 1 December 2015

Ten Reasons Why Climate Initiatives Should Not Include Large Hydropower Projects

A Civil Society [i] Manifesto for the Support of Real Climate Solutions Large hydropower projects are often propagated as a “clean and green” more

Accountability and Transparency, Capacity Building, Climate Change | 30 November 2015

COP21 Begins, as Climate Hope Grows Stronger

Hundreds of world leaders gathered in Paris today to officially kick off the highly anticipated global climate talks. This is a critical moment more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 24 November 2015

For the life and health of my children: We MUST include Human Rights in the New Climate Accord

By Astrid Puentes Riaño ( @astridpuentes ) Originally published by IntLawGrrls We humans have caused climate change, a real threat to humanity more

Climate Change, Toxic Pollution | 29 October 2015

Reducing Short-Lived Climate Pollutants: A life jacket in times of climate change

By Florencia Ortuzar, AIDA attorney They’re all around you – the air conditioner hanging from your neighbor’s window, the charcoal powering more

Climate Change, Human Rights, Public Participation | 26 September 2015

6 Things You Should Know About The Paris Climate Talks

Across Latin America, and the world, communities are facing the severe effects of a changing climate. As floods destroy ancestral homes, and more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 25 September 2015

Rights of the Environment: The Pope is on our Side

In his speech before the United Nations today in New York, Pope Francis argued passionately in defense of the environment, proclaiming that more