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Climate Change, Freshwater Sources | 25 February 2014

Mexico takes action to protect its wetlands from unsustainable development

AIDA and the members of the National Wetlands Committee have won a big victory after years of legal work to protect Mexico’s estuaries, coral reefs, more

Climate Change, Toxic Pollution | 2 December 2013

Short-Lived Climate Pollutants: A great opportunity to put the brakes on climate change

By Florencia Ortuzar, legal advisor, AIDA While many of us are alarmed by climate change and its already tangible effects, concern becomes more

Accountability and Transparency, Capacity Building, Climate Change | 25 November 2013

Report from COP19: Warsaw, Poland

A terrifying nightmare came true before their eyes. Waves of up to seven meters (23 feet), propelled by winds that reached 315 kilometers per hour ( more

Climate Change | 12 November 2013

Short-lived climate pollutants: An opportunity to reduce emissions (in Spanish)

AIDA together with CEDHA, CEMDA and RedRacc have produced a briefing paper on short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) for presentation at the more

Climate Change | 8 October 2013

Letter to the Board of the Green Climate Fund

Organizations, movements and civil society groups from developing countries -with decades of experience working for the rights and aspirations more

Accountability and Transparency, Climate Change, Public Participation | 13 August 2013

"No thank you" says the Green Climate Fund Board to transparency and civil society input

By Andrea Rodríguez, legal advisor, AIDA, @arodriguezosuna Once again civil society organizations expressed disappointment at the lack more

Climate Change | 2 May 2013

AIDA and CEMDA joint report on the UPR of Mexico

In accordance with the guidelines of the Human Rights Council, the Mexican Environmental Law Center (CEMDA) and the Interamerican Association more

Climate Change | 4 December 2012

The challenges of deploying wind energy in Mexico. The case of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec

To combat climate change, low-carbon projects such as wind farms must be promoted. But despite the urgency for renewable energy, these projects more

Accountability and Transparency, Climate Change, Public Participation | 1 June 2011

Advocating before the Green Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund was created to channel money from the developed to the developing world to help create projects and programs for more

Climate Change, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Large Dams | 17 October 2010

Large dams in the Americas: Is the cure worse than the disease?

Large dams consistently cause severe, and often irreversible, environmental and social damage. Their construction is also often associated more