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Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Oceans | 4 April 2024

The Kawésqar people and the defense of their "maritorio" in Chile

The maritorio is a concept and also a way of inhabiting and understanding the world. It evokes the image of "territory", but seen from and in the sea.read more

Indigenous Rights, Oceans | 31 January 2024

5 years of the Kawésqar National Reserve: pending issues for its protection

Local communities denounce that the area is highly affected by salmon farming, which is failing to comply with environmental regulations.read more

Climate Change, Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Oceans | 31 January 2024

Our vision for a just future

From our regional perspective, we will continue to contribute to solutions that center nature and communities, and that effectively address the continent’s social and environmental challenges.read more

Climate Change, Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Oceans, Toxic Pollution | 30 January 2024

The triple planetary crisis: What is it and what can we do about it?

It refers to three interrelated problems: climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. Each of these problems is a crisis with its own causes and effects, but all three converge.read more

Climate Change, Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Oceans | 20 December 2023

10 positive advances for the environment in Latin America in 2023

As we close 2023, let’s celebrate the agreements, decisions, and milestones that give us hope as we continue to defend the planet and all the creatures that call it home.read more

Oceans | 2 August 2023

Mexican environmental authority violates Mexico’s highest court and international obligations when reissuing a permit for a port expansion that threatens the Veracruz Reef System

In a legal brief, AIDA and Earthjustice argue the Secretary of the Environment failed to properly evaluate the environmental impact of the project to the reef as required by Mexico’s highest court.read more

Climate Change, Human Rights, Oceans, Public Participation, Toxic Pollution | 31 May 2023

Offshore drilling: Resisting a growing threat in Latin America

There are cases in the region that demonstrate a growing collective resistance to the blind advance of offshore drilling projects.read more

Capacity Building, Freshwater Sources, Indigenous Rights, Oceans | 16 May 2023

Session 2 of the AIDA’s 25th Anniversary Webinar Series

We examined the main threats and opportunities, as well as the measures needed to effectively address the biodiversity crisis and safeguard the rights of indigenous and traditional populations.read more

Oceans | 23 March 2023

Commitments to marine conservation: A look back at Our Ocean 2023

Overall, the conference provided a unique platform for several nations to make valuable commitments that are now expected to be fulfilled.read more

Oceans | 4 March 2023

Agreement reached to advance High Seas Treaty

New treaty agreed to protect half the planet but formal adoption still required.read more


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