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Human Rights, Oceans | 24 February 2022

Reaffirming the legitimate protection of the right to a healthy environment

We provided legal and technical evidence regarding the human right to a healthy environment and access to justice, enshrined in international law.read more

Human Rights, Oceans | 9 February 2022

Supreme Court orders protection of Veracruz's reefs and wetlands

Mexico’s high court unanimously ruled that authorities violated the right to a healthy environment by authorizing the expansion of the Port of Veracruz.read more

Mining, Oceans | 8 September 2021

Reaction: IUCN Congress votes yes to a moratorium on deep-sea mining

Scientists have warned that deep-sea mining will cause large-scale, irreversible biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation if permitted to occur.read more

Oceans | 16 August 2021

Our responsibility in the conservation of fisheries resources

The promotion and adoption of responsible fishing practices, from catch to consumption, is a joint effort in which consumers play a fundamental role.read more

Oceans | 15 July 2021

Member countries of the World Trade Organization must reach an agreement on fisheries subsidies

We urge WTO member countries to define without further delay commitments in this regard at the national and regional levels.read more

Oceans | 29 April 2021

Towards an end to subsidies that promote overfishing

Overfishing is one of the main problems for the health of our ocean. And the provision of negative subsidies to the fishing sector is one of the...read more

Indigenous Rights, Oceans | 30 March 2021

Chile: Report Finds That Approval of Salmon Farms in Kawésqar National Reserve is Illegal

The document prepared by national and international organizations highlights the incompatibility between this type of industry and the purpose of protection of the area.read more

Indigenous Rights, Oceans, Toxic Pollution | 19 March 2021

Legal resistance to the expansion of salmon farming in Chile

A coalition of Kawésqar communities are defending their land and seas from the expansion of the salmon industry into their ancestral territory.read more

Mining, Oceans | 22 January 2021

What you should know about deep-sea mining

We know very little about the ecosystems on the ocean floor and the real impacts of this type of mining.read more

Climate Change, Oceans | 14 January 2021

Fact Sheet: SPAW Protocol (Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife)

Framework to regulate the protection of herbivorous fish and coral reefs of the Greater Caribbean.read more


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