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Coral reefs, Oceans | 14 July 2015

“My Mom Is the Best Lawyer in the World”

“My mom is the best lawyer in the world because she defends the turtles, the corals, the salted forests they have in the sea, and alllll the fish.”...read more

Mining, Oceans | 29 June 2015

Progress on Protecting the Loggerhead Turtle!

By Gladys Martínez Significant strides were taken last week toward the conservation of loggerhead sea turtles. A new international resolution intends...read more

Mining, Oceans | 23 June 2015

Strengthening the Sea Turtle Treaty

By Gladys Martínez When baby sea turtles first break through their shells, they slowly stick their heads out into the world. Then, they run as fast...read more

Mining, Oceans | 8 June 2015

Mine Threatens a Great Marine Migrator

By Haydée Rodríguez Each year, the gray whale sets out on one of the longest migratory journeys on the planet: a nearly 13,000-mile swim from its...read more

Freshwater Sources, Oceans | 3 June 2015

Victory: Panama Bay is Legally Protected

Panama Bay, one of the world’s most important nesting and roosting sites for migratory birds, is now permanently protected, thanks in part to AIDA’s...read more

Mining, Oceans | 14 April 2015

Don Diego mining project poses grave risk to Mexican marine ecosystem

AIDA’s formal comments on the Environmental Impact Statement for the phosphate-mining project, proposed in a Baja California Sur bay, point to insufficient information about safeguards for the ecosystem, which is vital for both coastal communities and endangered species.read more

Capacity Building, Oceans | 9 February 2015

Five Reasons to Protect the Peruvian Anchoveta

The anchoveta (Engraulis ringens), a wide-eyed fish 12 to 15 centimeters long, is prevalent in the Pacific coastal waters of Peru. When I first heard...read more

Coral reefs, Oceans | 22 January 2015

Working to protect coral reefs in Mexico and throughout Latin America

In the Gulf of Mexico, 27 coral reefs form a submarine mountain range that runs between six islands in an area stretching for miles. Hundreds of...read more

Oceans | 1 January 2015

Towards Ecosystem Management of the Peruvian Anchoveta Fishery (in Spanish)

The report contains recommendations for the legal and institutional reforms needed to manage the fishery while caring for the needs of the ecosystem as a whole.read more

Coral reefs, Accountability and Transparency, Oceans | 6 June 2014

Defending the Veracruz Reef from a port expansion project

In the Gulf of Mexico, 27 coral reefs form a submarine mountain range running for miles between six islands. Hundreds of colorful fish species, sea...read more


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