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Your Donation At Work

AIDA provides no-cost legal expertise tailored to help communities and organizations solve environmental problems throughout Latin America. US tax-deductible donations from individuals and foundation grants allow us to provide our services through the months and years it can take to secure victories for people and the environment.

How AIDA Spends Donations

The great majority of AIDA’s expenditures goes to direct program services:

  • Legal, scientific, and communications support and representation
  • Capacity-building training
  • Legal research and publications
  • Advocacy in national and international forums
  • Coordination of national and regional coalitions

Expenditures on administration and fundraising provide the core functions that make AIDA’s program services possible:

  • Strategic direction
  • Human resource support
  • Accounting and payroll services
  • Grant writing and reporting
  • Cultivation and stewardship of individual donors
We support AIDA so our sisters and brothers of Latin America have the legal representation needed to save their native lands from flooding by unnecessary dams.
Karen and Ron Perkins, donors