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Human Rights, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 20 June 2024

La Oroya v. Peru: Historic precedent on human rights and the environment

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights set an important precedent for state oversight of industrial more

Human Rights, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 24 May 2024

Warning of increased contamination in La Oroya and slow progress by the State to comply with the Inter-American Court ruling

The State's progress in implementing the international court's ruling has been slow and insufficient. Meanwhile, a high level of sulphur dioxide has recently been registered in the Andean more

Indigenous Rights, Mining | 17 April 2024

Argentina: the scramble for lithium threatens the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Jujuy

International civil society organisations present the conclusions of an observation mission to Jujuy in August 2023 following the constitutional reform, which facilitates lithium more

Indigenous Rights, Mining | 17 April 2024

Lithium Fever: Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Under Attack in Jujuy, Argentina

This report contains the main findings of an International Fact-finding Mission Report (21-25 August 2023).read more

Human Rights, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 15 April 2024

Community of La Oroya wins landmark ruling to stop environmental damage in Latin America

After more than 20 years, the residents of the town of La Oroya in the Peruvian Andes have found justice, opening a major new avenue for protecting a healthy environment throughout the more

Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Mining, Public Participation | 27 March 2024

Court decision stops new lithium mining projects in Argentine salt flat, sets regional precedent

The Alliance for Andean Wetlands celebrates this achievement of the Atacameños del Altiplano Indigenous Community and the Asamblea PUCARA (Pueblos Catamarqueños en Resistencia y Autodeterminación).read more

Human Rights, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 27 March 2024

5 milestones in the "Inhabitants of La Oroya v. Peru" case ruling

Our long-fought victory before the Inter-American Court sets important precedents for all communities seeking environmental justice in the more

Accountability and Transparency, Human Rights, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 22 March 2024

Inter-American Court ruling on La Oroya case sets key precedent for the protection of a healthy environment

The Court found Peru responsible for violating the rights of residents of La Oroya, who have been exposed to unsafe levels of toxic contamination for more

Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Large Dams, Mining | 4 March 2024

Defending the Volta Grande do Xingu in the Brazilian Amazon

Since 2015, this region has been the target of large extractive projects that threaten the livelihoods and physical and cultural survival of traditional peoples and more

Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Mining | 20 February 2024

Lithium unveiled: Origins, extraction and environmental implications

Lithium mining is threatening South America's salt flats, affecting local water availability and threatening the survival of communities and species living around these fragile more


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