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Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Mining, Oceans | 23 December 2010

Victory: Crucitas gold mine cancelled for environmental harm

In Costa Rica, for the first time, a high-level court cancelled a large-scale mining project for the first time because it violated national laws more

Freshwater Sources, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 25 October 2010

Victory: Biosphere Reserve in Baja California Saved from Toxic Mine

Known as an “ecological treasure house,” the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Reserve at the southern tip of Baja California will not be spoiled by more

Mining | 20 July 2010

Guidebook for Evaluating Mining Project EIAs

The guidebook will help identify flaws in mining project plans, and explore ways that mining companies can reduce the public health hazards associated with more

Mining, Public Participation | 7 October 2009

Victory: Canada supports public participation and environmental assessment

Thanks to a court ruling to which AIDA and our allies contributed, Canadian authorities must allow active participation in all mining and more

Mining | 2 March 2009

Hardrock Mining: Acid Mine Drainage

Acid mine drainage is mining's most serious threat to water resources. A mine with acid drainage has the potential for long-term devastating impacts on rivers, streams and aquatic more

Mining | 30 September 2006

Tarnished Gold: mining and the unmet promise of development

The International Finance Corporation continues to dress up money-making gold mining investments as development, yet it fails to demonstrate how these projects actually reduce more

Mining | 20 December 2005

Predicting Water Quality at Hardrock Mines

Review of the methods and models used to predict water quality at hardrock mine sites, with an emphasis on the state of the art and on advantages and limitations of these more

Mining | 20 December 2004

Dirty Metals: Mining, Communities and the Environment

This report will will explain how the mining of copper, tantalum, gold, platinum and other metals damages landscapes, pollutes water, and poisons more

Mining | 20 January 2003

Canadian Mining Companies in Latin America: Community Rights and Corporate Responsibility

This conference addressed the tension between community rights and corporate social responsibility in the context of Canadian mining investment in Latin more

Mining | 20 December 2002

Breaking New Ground: An Agenda for Change (Chapter 16)

Conclusions from the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development project and an agenda that sets out actions for improving the mineral sector’s contribution to sustainable more


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