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Capacity Building, Mining | 31 December 2014

Guidelines for the Environmental Impact Assessment of Mining Projects

For many communities, water is a scare and therefore valuable resource. Access to it is complicated if rivers, lakes, or other sources are more

Mining, Toxic Pollution | 19 August 2014

Pilcomayo: El río de los pájaros herido por la minería

By Ariel Pérez Castellón, lawyer AIDA For hundreds of years, the Pilcomayo has been essential to the life of at least twenty indigenous more

Mining | 23 August 2013

How we protect Andean ecosystems from mining's impacts

Few places in the world are so vulnerable to environmental degradation from mining than Colombia. The country ranks second in coal reserves in more

Mining | 11 June 2013

Collective Statement to the Colombian government on the collapse of Law 1382

The organizations and persons behind the Statement express our concerns to the Colombian government about the implications of the collapse of more

Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Mining, Oceans | 23 December 2010

Victory: Crucitas gold mine cancelled for environmental harm

In Costa Rica, for the first time, a high-level court cancelled a large-scale mining project for the first time because it violated national laws more

Freshwater Sources, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 25 October 2010

Victory: Biosphere Reserve in Baja California Saved from Toxic Mine

Known as an “ecological treasure house,” the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Reserve at the southern tip of Baja California will not be spoiled by more

Mining, Public Participation | 7 October 2009

Victory: Canada supports public participation and environmental assessment

Thanks to a court ruling to which AIDA and our allies contributed, Canadian authorities must allow active participation in all mining and more

Mining | 30 September 2006

Tarnished Gold: mining and the unmet promise of development

The International Finance Corporation continues to dress up money-making gold mining investments as development, yet it fails to demonstrate how these projects actually reduce more

Mining | 12 May 2002

Canadian Mining Companies in Latin America: Community Rights and Corporate Responsibility

This conference addressed the tension between community rights and corporate social responsibility in the context of Canadian mining investment in Latin more


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