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Human Rights, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 28 August 2023

Voices seeking justice for the community of La Oroya

The situation of the community of La Oroya in Peru, affected by decades of toxic pollution and the lack of effective government action to combat it, is not an exception in Latin more

Woman and horse in the mountains of Peru

Climate Change, Human Rights | 25 August 2023

Climate finance and a gender perspective: two concepts that must be intertwined

Including a gender perspective in climate action is therefore both fair and desirable for more effective and beneficial outcomes. If they are excluded, women lose, and we all more

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Climate Change, Human Rights | 7 August 2023

Climate Litigation Platform for Latin America and the Caribbean: The road traveled

We invite you to learn about and use the Platform to enter the world of climate litigation, which represents a great opportunity in the fight for climate justice and the protection of human more

River in the Amazon

Climate Change, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights | 3 August 2023

Amazon Summit: 6 proposals for preserving the Amazon through regional cooperation

Joint regional and transboundary efforts are powerful enough to save a vital ecosystem for the region and the more

Human Rights | 28 July 2023

A healthy environment: what is this universal right?

The triple crisis facing the world highlights the importance of guaranteeing the right of all people to live in a clean, healthy and sustainable more

Aerial view of the Ventanas Smelter in the commune of Puchuncaví, Chile.

Climate Change, Human Rights, Toxic Pollution | 21 July 2023

When the energy transition isn’t just: The case of Quintero and Puchuncaví in Chile

This region deserves the opportunity to shine again and to reach its full potential as a colorful coastal town and seaside resort with an identity rooted in agriculture, tourism and artisanal more

Just energy transition and climate justice

Capacity Building, Climate Change, Human Rights | 18 July 2023

Session 3 of the AIDA’s 25th Anniversary Webinar Series

We discussed the path towards a just energy transition and climate justice. We explored what both concepts mean, what is needed to achieve them, and the tools and successes at our more

Traditional village on floating Uros  islands on lake Titicaca near city of Puno, Peru.

Climate Change, Human Rights | 29 June 2023

Climate finance: Questions and answers

Climate finance is a complicated topic, and so we offer you a glimpse of the more

Rear view of dad holding her little girl in arms and looking at their house with installed solar panels.

Climate Change, Human Rights | 15 June 2023

The dilemmas of a just energy transition

A valuable starting point is that everything that is carried out in favor of the energy transition must have a strong and decisive focus on the environment, human rights and more

Climate Change, Human Rights, Oceans, Public Participation, Toxic Pollution | 31 May 2023

Offshore drilling: Resisting a growing threat in Latin America

There are cases in the region that demonstrate a growing collective resistance to the blind advance of offshore drilling more


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