Webinar "A Material Transition: Mining and the Renewable Energy Transition" | Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA) Skip to content Skip to navigation
16 July 2021

Presenting A Material Transition, a report from War on Want investigating the impacts of an increased demand for the minerals required to move away from fossil fuels, and what can be done to address global supply chains and reduce unsustainable demand.



  • Andy Whitmore: Researcher specialising in extractive industries and indigenous peoples rights. Co-chair, trustee and founding member of London Mining Network.
  • Sebastian Ordóñez Muñoz: Colombian migrant based in the UK. Senior Programme Officer for Latin America, War on Want.

Moderator: Andrés Ángel, Scientific Advisor, AIDA.





1. Introductory presentation:

2. Presentation of Andy Whitmore:


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