Webinar "A Just Transition: Why should industrialized countries reduce their consumption of raw materials? The case of Germany" | Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA) Skip to content Skip to navigation
13 May 2020

The global expansion of renewable energies, electric mobility and digitalization will massively increase the demand for raw materials. This implies the risk of damage to human rights and the environment, as well as an intensification of geopolitical tensions over these resources. In this context, a globally inequitable distribution of raw material consumption would jeopardize the sustainable and fair development of the countries of the Global South.

In this webinar, we presented the proposals of an NGO network in Germany to achieve a reduction in the consumption of raw materials and to include the perspectives of producer countries, supporting their call for a "change in raw materials" (Rohstoffwende).



  • Rebecca Heinz: Policy Advisor – Resource Policy at Germanwatch.





1. Opening presentation:


2. Presentation of Rebecca Heinz, Germanwatch:


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  • To learn more about the just transition proposal presented at the seminar, write to heinz@germanwatch.org


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