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20 June 2018

Today AIDA, as an organization that works to protect the right to a healthy environment in the Americas, released the following statement after the United States decided to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council:

We consider it a worrying and unfortunate maneuver that could isolate the United States from the international community and weaken its ability to positively influence human rights protection around the world. This decision sends a negative message, especially to countries with serious human rights situations, about which the United States has expressed concern.

From our perspective, this decision shows that the administration has also ignored the thousands of people and organizations in the United States that have spoken out against internal policies, including those involving the separation of migrant families and climate change.

It’s important to bear in mind that, despite their departure from the Council, the human rights situation in the United States may continue to be evaluated by that body, as it is for other nations that participate in the U.N.

Faced with this decision, we urge other States to respond by demonstrating their leadership to ensure the effective protection of human rights globally.

The importance of human rights isn’t about a political perspective, isn’t about a party, is about decency and humanity.


Víctor Quintanilla (Mexico), AIDA, [email protected], +521 5570522107


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