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2021 Annual Report



The global pandemic has been, among other things, a lesson in patience and fortitude.

While we’re still emerging from the health crisis and its impacts, this year the environmental movement has clearly demonstrated what can be achieved with time and dedication.

After long-term concerted effort by advocates around the world, the UN Human Rights Council finally recognized the human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

AIDA has contributed to this historic breakthrough since our founding. We’ve placed the close link between human rights and the environment at the center of our legal, scientific and advocacy work for the protection of vulnerable communities affected by environmental degradation in Latin America.

The right to a healthy environment will continue guiding our contribution to environmental and climate justice in the region.

Increasingly aware that meaningful change takes time and collaboration, we will continue to build bridges and strengthen regional movements to confront the climate and environmental crises, and the inequities that underlie them.

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