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2022 Annual Report



2022 has been a year of great progress for AIDA.

We've achieved precedents in litigation and advocacy, and formed alliances that cross borders and unite the regional movement we're part of.

Some of our main achievements, reflected in our 2022 Annual Report, are evidence of our commitment to environmental and climate justice in the Americas:

  • We presented the case of the community of La Oroya before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, achieving that the people affected by toxic contamination were heard in court.
  • We launched a regional Climate Litigation Platform that connects climate justice advocates with the cases and legal precedents they need to construct successful strategies.
  • We supported a historic breakthrough at the World Trade Organization to end subsidies that encourage overfishing and damage our ocean, the planet's primary climate regulator.
  • We created Presentes, a regional communications alliance using strategic digital mobilization to co-create a new narrative on the just energy transition.

Next year we'll celebrate AIDA's 25th anniversary. We hope you'll join us to celebrate all that we've accomplished thanks to your support, and all that is yet to come.

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