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Globally, nine out of ten people live in places where the air is extremely harmful.

Gases and particles that pollute the air we breathe also heat the planet, and those emissions are a major cause of the global climate crisis.

You can help save lives and contain the climate emergency. Tell your government to commit to reducing emissions of these pollutants.

Among these contaminants are black carbon, generated by burning wood for heating and transportation using diesel; methane, the natural gas that runs the kitchen; and hydrofluorocarbons, gases that make refrigerators and air conditioners cool.

They are known as short-lived climate pollutants because they stay in the air for a relatively short time. Therefore, if we reduce their emissions we can also reduce global warming in the short term and, at the same time, improve the quality of the air around us.

That potential has been supported by thousands of scientists around the world, who have made an urgent call for the early reduction of these pollutants. 

As part of global efforts to cool the planet, governments must update their emission reduction commitments to the United Nations by March 2020. 

YOU can ensure they don’t miss this opportunity!

SIGN HERE and tell your government to commit to stopping these damages!

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