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PROTECTING OUR RIGHT TO A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT. AIDA is the only regional organization of environmental legal experts who are both from and in Latin America. We use  the power of international law to create sustainable solutions throughout the region.

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Press Releases | 21 November 2023

The Alliance for the Andean Wetlands brings together organizations for the protection and conservation of wetlands

The alliance seeks to protect the water, biodiversity, territories and ways of life that depend on these ecosystems in Latin America, especially in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.Read More

Xingu River in the Amazon, Brazil

Press Releases | 20 November 2023

Solidarity note for social movements, organizations, and rights advocates who are victims of criminalization attempts by the company Belo Sun Mineração Ltda.

We will not step back in protecting the environment and human rights in the face of threats. Sign this note and join us in the protection of the Amazon, the Xingu River, and its defenders.Read More

Salinas Grandes, Argentina

Blog | 13 November 2023

"Water is worth more than lithium": Resistance against an unjust energy transition

The social resistance to constitutional reform in Jujuy is also resistance to a global trend that seeks the permanence of extractivist models that violate human rights.Read More

Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia

Blog | 10 November 2023

What makes a litigation a climate litigation?

National and international law is strengthened by the use of climate litigation and it is important to keep it alive and growing.Read More

Farmer in India

Blog | 8 November 2023

Session 3 of the 2023 GCF Watch International Webinar Series

The session was focused on key topics around the GCF, such as engaging with the GCF at the country level and the GCF's Gender and Indigenous Peoples policies.Read More

Press Releases | 23 October 2023

High court orders Colombian government to adopt concrete actions for climate crisis mitigation and adaptation

This is the final decision in the litigation filed by various stakeholders demanding the State to include the climate impact of the coal sector in its climate crisis management.Read More

When the violation of the rights of Amazonian peoples in Brazil receives no response nationally, these communities find in AIDA a voice in the Americas.

Felicio Pontes, Attorney, Federal Public Ministry, Brazil

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