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PROTECTING OUR RIGHT TO A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT. AIDA is the only regional organization of environmental legal experts who are both from and in Latin America. We use  the power of international law to create sustainable solutions throughout the region.

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Blog | 14 September 2021

¡Gracias totales!

We will continue to share this path towards climate and environmental justice, which is also social. I reiterate my deepest gratitude for so many lessons learned, opportunities and achievements.Read More

Blog | 10 September 2021

The IPCC's Sixth Report: the stark reality we must face with agency and hope

Drastic reductions of greenhouse gases will only be possible with systemic changes at the government and corporate levels. We also need to adjust our narratives so as to not fall into hopelessness.Read More

Press Releases | 8 September 2021

Reaction: IUCN Congress votes yes to a moratorium on deep-sea mining

Scientists have warned that deep-sea mining will cause large-scale, irreversible biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation if permitted to occur.Read More

Blog | 18 August 2021

Climate change: are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

It’s our decision, as a society, to either continue business as usual, ignoring the IPCC, or to finally pay attention and act comprehensively towards the climate justice that the planet requires.Read More

Blog | 16 August 2021

Our responsibility in the conservation of fisheries resources

The promotion and adoption of responsible fishing practices, from catch to consumption, is a joint effort in which consumers play a fundamental role.Read More

Blog | 11 August 2021

The IDB's opportunity to support the protection of the environment and human rights

Four projects financed by the IDB Group are or have been under scrutiny for the impacts of their implementation on indigenous and rural communities in three countries.Read More

When the violation of the rights of Amazonian peoples in Brazil receives no response nationally, these communities find in AIDA a voice in the Americas.

Felicio Pontes, Attorney, Federal Public Ministry, Brazil

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