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PROTECTING OUR RIGHT TO A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT. AIDA is the only regional organization of environmental legal experts who are both from and in Latin America. We use  the power of international law to create sustainable solutions throughout the region.

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Panoramic view of the Metallurgical Complex of La Orota, Peru, in 2024.

Blog | 20 June 2024

La Oroya v. Peru: Historic precedent on human rights and the environment

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights set an important precedent for state oversight of industrial pollution.Read More

San Blas Island, Panama.

Blog | 19 June 2024

What you need to know about the “loss and damage” of the climate crisis

This issue is closely linked to climate justice, as it raises the question of who should pay for these impacts in the poorest countries, which bear little historical responsibility for the crisis.Read More

Aerial view of a container ship

Blog | 4 June 2024

Maritime shipping: what’s being done to reduce emissions?

The sector therefore needs to decarbonize its activities by reducing its emissions, both in transport and in the loading and unloading of goods at ports around the world.Read More

Panoramic view of La Oroya, Peru, in 2024.

Press Releases | 24 May 2024

Warning of increased contamination in La Oroya and slow progress by the State to comply with the Inter-American Court ruling

The State's progress in implementing the international court's ruling has been slow and insufficient. Meanwhile, a high level of sulphur dioxide has recently been registered in the Andean city.Read More

Melipona bee from Yucatan, Mexico.

Blog | 20 May 2024

Native bees and indigenous peoples: an ancestral bond

In some indigenous communities, native bees are considered spiritual and symbolic beings, but they are also valued for their essential functions in sustaining life.Read More

Casas de madera a orillas del río Dulce en Guatemala

Blog | 19 April 2024

How the Inter-American Court can help protect human rights in the face of the climate emergency

The climate justice movement is growing stronger and more effective, fueled by the successes of climate litigation and key precedents such as those of the Inter-American Court.Read More

When the violation of the rights of Amazonian peoples in Brazil receives no response nationally, these communities find in AIDA a voice in the Americas.

Felicio Pontes, Attorney, Federal Public Ministry, Brazil

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