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PROTECTING OUR RIGHT TO A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT. AIDA is the only regional organization of environmental legal experts who are both from and in Latin America. We use  the power of international law to create sustainable solutions throughout the region.

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Blog | 29 September 2022

Presentes: Here and now for climate justice

Hope, too, needs a space when we talk about the climate crisis. While it’s true that humanity is facing our greatest collective challenge, it’s also true that there are people, communities, and...Read More

Blog | 7 September 2022

An alliance for clean air in Latin America is born

The coalition will empower the efforts of citizens, academics, organizations and other actors, while contributing to the achievement of regional agreements.Read More

Blog | 6 September 2022

Session 3 of the 2022 GCF Watch International Webinar Series (part two)

We addressed key aspects of the proposals that are presented by accredited entities to become approved projects and reflected upon gender and indigenous peoples at the GCF.Read More

Blog | 30 August 2022

The Mapuche: in defense of ancestral territory in Argentina

The Mapuche communities are tireless in their struggle. Their strength comes from what they protect. It comes from their intimate connection to the territory and all that it holds.Read More

Blog | 30 August 2022

Lessons on protecting the right to a healthy environment

AIDA has always worked to highlight the link between a healthy environment and fundamental human rights such as those to integrity, life, and health.Read More

Press Releases | 22 August 2022

Ambition and urgency needed as high seas treaty negotiations near end

With only one week to go in the negotiations for a new treaty to protect two thirds of the ocean civil society is raising alarm about the level of urgency and ambition towards a robust outcome.Read More

When the violation of the rights of Amazonian peoples in Brazil receives no response nationally, these communities find in AIDA a voice in the Americas.

Felicio Pontes, Attorney, Federal Public Ministry, Brazil

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