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| 4 June 2012

Who can protect us if the Inter-American System of Human Rights is weakened?

By Astrid Puentes, co-director of AIDA, @astridpuentes I’m writing from Cochabamba, where I’m attending the 42nd General Assembly more

Colombia's ethnic groups

| 7 May 2012

Prior consultation: An opportunity for life, respect and diversity

By Héctor Herrera, legal advisor, AIDA, @RJAColombia Colombia’s ethnic groups have decrees and laws that protect their cultural more

Women Feminism in the Environment

| 26 March 2012

Environmental law and women

By Natalia Jiménez, legal advisor, AIDA The role of environmental law is weak on gender. This can be seen in Latin America where there is constant approval of economic and development plans more

Coral Reef

| 21 March 2012

Coral reefs in Latin America: A natural spectacle at risk

Gladys Martínez de Lemos, legal advisor, AIDA Twenty five percent of all marine species have lived at some stage in coral reefs. In Costa Rica, these reefs are under threat from deforestation more

Marismas Nacionales

| 7 March 2012

Protection of Sinaloa’s mangrove swamps put off

By Sandra Moguel, legal advisor, AIDA, @sandra_moguel Marismas Nacionales, the largest wetland in Mexico, is still at risk almost more

Human Rights | 7 July 2011

Mexican Constitution protects human rights

On June 9, 2011, Mexico rewrote history. The Mexican Congress approved revisions that expressly recognize human rights in the national constitution for the first time. The new language requires more

| 6 July 2011

Resort endangers Mexican mangroves and wetlands

A proposed resort three times the size of Cancun is bad news for Mexico’s fragile coastal mangrove ecosystems. Costa del Pacifico (CIP), a mega-resort that the Mexican government is planning to more

Climate Change, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Large Dams | 17 October 2010

Large dams in the Americas: Is the cure worse than the disease?

Large dams consistently cause severe, and often irreversible, environmental and social damage. Their construction is also often associated with violations of international human rights more

| 20 September 2010

AIDA calls on financial institutions to join the fight against climate change

International Financial Institutions (IFIs) have a significant influence on large infrastructure projects and energy development in the western hemisphere. Many of them finance projects more

Human Rights, Toxic Pollution | 2 December 2009

La Oroya before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

In an effort to compel the Peruvian government to resolve the health crisis in La Oroya, AIDA appealed to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in 2005, requesting that the more


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