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Image: Location of the rubbish continent on the map. Source: Blog Nuestras Ciudades

| 5 August 2013

There is a blot in the middle of the ocean…

By Florencia Ortúzar, legal advisor, AIDA The first time I heard about the mysterious “rubbish island ” I was shocked. How could a huge floating mass as big as a country go unnoticed in the more

Photo: A mine in the city of Cerro de Pasco, Peru. Credit: María José Veramendi

| 29 July 2013

Peru and its socio-environmental conflicts

By María José Veramendi Villa, legal advisor, AIDA, @MaJoVeramendi “In Peru, the general state of social conflict is more

Photo: A panoramic view of Paris, France. Credit: Haydée Rodríguez

| 22 July 2013

The city, our ecosystem

By Haydée Rodríguez, legal advisor, AIDA We are witnessing the biggest wave of urbanization in history . More than half of the world’s population lives in cities. The United Nations Population Fund ( more

Photo: Brazil's Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota speaks during the assembly. Credit: Astrid Puentes

| 5 July 2013

An evaluation of the OAS General Assembly and its relationship to the environment

By Astrid Puentes Riaño, co-executive director, AIDA, @astridpuentes The first week of June every year, the General Assembly of more

IACHR reform

| 25 February 2013

What’s the latest on the reform of the Inter-American System of Human Rights?

By Astrid Puentes Riaño, co-director, AIDA, @astridpuentes more

Credit: OAS

| 4 June 2012

Who can protect us if the Inter-American System of Human Rights is weakened?

By Astrid Puentes, co-director of AIDA, @astridpuentes I’m writing from Cochabamba, where I’m attending the 42nd General Assembly more

Colombia's ethnic groups

| 7 May 2012

Prior consultation: An opportunity for life, respect and diversity

By Héctor Herrera, legal advisor, AIDA, @RJAColombia Colombia’s ethnic groups have decrees and laws that protect their cultural more

Women Feminism in the Environment

| 26 March 2012

Environmental law and women

By Natalia Jiménez, legal advisor, AIDA The role of environmental law is weak on gender. This can be seen in Latin America where there is constant approval of economic and development plans more

Coral Reef

| 21 March 2012

Coral reefs in Latin America: A natural spectacle at risk

Gladys Martínez de Lemos, legal advisor, AIDA Twenty five percent of all marine species have lived at some stage in coral reefs. In Costa Rica, these reefs are under threat from deforestation more

Marismas Nacionales

| 7 March 2012

Protection of Sinaloa’s mangrove swamps put off

By Sandra Moguel, legal advisor, AIDA, @sandra_moguel Marismas Nacionales, the largest wetland in Mexico, is still at risk almost more


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