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sea turtle

| 7 October 2013

How to end the reign of plastic bags and learn to take care of our environment

By María José Veramendi Villa, senior attorney, AIDA, @MaJoVeramendi Some months ago my colleague at AIDA, Haydée Rodríguez, wrote more

A seed

| 30 September 2013

The UPOV Convention and the privatization of seeds: What’s at stake?

By Florencia Ortúzar, legal advisor, AIDA "Modern agriculture is not a system for producing food but for producing money " (Bill Mollison: Australian researcher, scientist, teacher, naturalist more

| 22 September 2013

Virtual water: What we do not see

By Haydée Rodríguez, legal advisor, AIDA We live in an era of virtual creations . We have virtual reality, universities and conferences and even virtual pets. It’s no surprise then that the term “ more

Photo: A protest against the El Naranjal hydroelectric project. Source:

| 17 September 2013

Why defend the environment?

By Tania Paz, general assistant, AIDA, @TaniaNinoshka “The earth will be as the men are.” (Nahuatl proverb) “They murdered a friend more

Photo: Páramos in the municipality of El Cerrito (Santander, Colombia). Credit: Celeste Kauffman.

| 17 September 2013

Protecting the Colombian páramos: It’s more than just rules

By Carlos Lozano, legal advisor, AIDA, @CLozanoAcosta The consensus in Colombia is that páramo ecosystems are important and must more


| 9 September 2013

Andisols: Vitally important and vulnerable soils

Have you ever heard of Andisols? They are a vitally important building block for ecosystems in the Americas including Andean forests and high-altitude wetlands known as páramos, not to mention more

Photo: One of Costa Rica’s famed beaches. Credit: Joelson Cavalcante

| 5 September 2013

Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico: Lots of tourism, little sustainability

By Sandra Moguel, legal advisor, AIDA, @sandra_moguel Sun and sand tourism is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in more


Mining | 23 August 2013

How we protect Andean ecosystems from mining's impacts

Few places in the world are so vulnerable to environmental degradation from mining than Colombia. The country ranks second in coal reserves in South America and is home to what could be one of more

| 20 August 2013

The bicycle: Can it be our principle mode of transport?

By Astrid Puentes Riaño, co-director, AIDA, @astridpuentes Have you ever thought that bicycles could be our main mode of transport, more

GCF Board

Accountability and Transparency, Climate Change, Public Participation | 13 August 2013

"No thank you" says the Green Climate Fund Board to transparency and civil society input

By Andrea Rodríguez, legal advisor, AIDA, @arodriguezosuna Once again civil society organizations expressed disappointment at more


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