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Offering communities scientific support to stop mining’s damages

Mining is an economic activity with serious environmental costs. Often, communities located near mining projects do not have access to truthful, complete and objective information on the harms and benefits of extractive industries.

This is compounded by the pollution and water depletion such activities cause in nearby rivers, lakes and other water sources. These risks often occur when mining projects are not adequately evaluated before being approved. And, too often, environmental impact assessments are not based on the best available scientific information.

Now more than ever, we must bridge the information gap between communities and the mining projects that affect them.

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What AIDA is doing: 

  • Bringing useful information to communities about mining’s potential damages.
  • Sharing information on the true costs of mining through articles, opinion pieces, and online seminars.
  • Analyzing environmental impact studies and collaborating with experts to call attention to the inherent risks of mining and avoid further harm.
  • Strengthening legal actions with scientific data, with the goal of protecting people and the environment near harmful mining projects


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