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Advocating before the Green Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund is the world's leading multilateral climate finance institution. As such, it has a key role in channelling economic resources from developed to developing nations for projects focused on mitigation and adaptation in the face of the climate crisis.

Created in 2010, within the framework of the United Nations, the fund supports a broad range of projects ranging from renewable energy and low-emissions transportation projects to the relocation of communities affected by rising seas and support to small farmers affected by drought. The assistance it provides is vital so that individuals and communities in Latin America, and other vulnerable regions, can mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and address the increasingly devastating impacts of global warming. 

Climate finance provided by the Green Climate Fund is critical to ensure the transformation of current economic and energy systems towards the resilient, low-emission systems that the planet urgently needs. To enable a just transition, it’s critical to follow-up on and monitor its operations, ensuring that the Fund effectively fulfills its role and benefits the people and communities most vulnerable to climate change.




What AIDA is doing: 

  • Joining civil society's efforts to promote greater transparency and public participation in the Fund's decisions.
  • Lobbying the Fund’s Board of Directors to adopt strong environmental and social safeguards to help guide decisions about which proposals to support.
  • Improving the capacity of governments and non-governmental organizations in Latin America to monitor and benefit from the Fund by widely distributing Spanish-language summaries of Board decisions.
  • Organizing webinars with panelists who have first-hand knowledge of the Fund's decisions, thus keeping stakeholders up-to-date on developments within the Fund.
  • Forming the regional node for Latin America of GCF Watch, a civil society initiative from the global South aimed at improving monitoring of the Fund's operations. In this role, AIDA creates and maintains communication channels between organizations working at the Fund's Board level and local communities close to the territories where Fund-supported projects are implemented.

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