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Chief Raoni denounced the threats Belo Monte posted to human rights

Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Large Dams | 21 December 2017

Why I’m joining the fight for justice for Belo Monte’s victims

Belo Monte is, without a doubt, a lesson for the continent. The case shows that projects of this type are environmentally unviable and generate irreparable damage to human more

Climate Change, Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Oceans, Public Participation | 19 December 2017

When nature is your best client

AIDA’s attorneys both hail from and live in Latin America, fostering a profound respect for the region’s natural environment and those who depend so intimately on more

Freshwater Sources, Mining, Toxic Pollution | 29 November 2017

The hidden mine that threatens Colombia’s water

Previous attempts at mining near Santurbán have been rejected due to the potential damage they would cause to this unique natural environment, which serves as a key water more

Carbon sink

Climate Change, Large Dams, Oceans | 17 November 2017

5 ways our governments can confront climate change

What can and should our governments do, seeing as their large-scale actions are fundamental to the welfare of their people?read more

Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Large Dams | 9 November 2017

Honoring the indigenous connection to the San Pedro Mezquital River

Despite its importance, the river—and with it the rights of more than 15,000 indigenous peoples—are at risk from the proposed Las Cruces hydroelectric more

Capacity Building, Public Participation | 20 October 2017

After the Mexico City earthquake, a call to create a better city

With all that has happened over the last month, it is this spirit of citizenship and support that has remained with more

Fracking | 13 October 2017

How to fight fracking with the law

Fracking is spreading rapidly through Latin America. If left to develop blindly, it could cause irreparable harm not just to the environment but also to public more

Capacity Building, Oceans | 9 October 2017

Turtles, sharks and tuna: why we’re working to protect our ocean

Despite their importance, the high seas—and the life within them—are at risk. A lack of coordinated oversight has led to overfishing, illegal fishing, pollution, and habitat more

Capacity Building, Public Participation | 26 September 2017

Lessons in Strength and Solidarity from the Mexico City Earthquake

We’re confident that the millions of people who have been awakened, who are acting as conscious and involved citizens, will continue working for our city and our more

The San Pedro Mezquital river in Mexico

Freshwater Sources, Large Dams | 24 September 2017

Why damming rivers, like blocking veins, risks our health

I often wonder: are we heading for the collapse of our natural system by blocking, tubing, manipulating, and contaminating the veins of the Earth (which, like us, is a living organism)?read more


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