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Capacity Building, Public Participation | 20 October 2017

After the Mexico City earthquake, a call to create a better city

With all that has happened over the last month, it is this spirit of citizenship and support that has remained with more

Fracking | 13 October 2017

How to fight fracking with the law

Fracking is spreading rapidly through Latin America. If left to develop blindly, it could cause irreparable harm not just to the environment but also to public more

Capacity Building, Oceans | 9 October 2017

Turtles, sharks and tuna: why we’re working to protect our ocean

Despite their importance, the high seas—and the life within them—are at risk. A lack of coordinated oversight has led to overfishing, illegal fishing, pollution, and habitat more

Capacity Building, Public Participation | 26 September 2017

Lessons in Strength and Solidarity from the Mexico City Earthquake

We’re confident that the millions of people who have been awakened, who are acting as conscious and involved citizens, will continue working for our city and our more

The San Pedro Mezquital river in Mexico

Freshwater Sources, Large Dams | 24 September 2017

Why damming rivers, like blocking veins, risks our health

I often wonder: are we heading for the collapse of our natural system by blocking, tubing, manipulating, and contaminating the veins of the Earth (which, like us, is a living organism)?read more

Capacity Building, Freshwater Sources | 12 September 2017

Hope for the Ciénaga, seed of Colombia’s magical realism

Today I learned that Colombia—thanks in part to AIDA’s supporters—took an unprecedented step to save an ecosystem central to Colombia’s identy: the Ciénaga Grande de Santa more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 12 September 2017

Climate change: The perfect fuel for hurricanes

Governments and citizens alike must unite to seek solutions and reduce greenhouse gas more

Climate Change, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Large Dams | 4 September 2017

The dams that couldn’t contain Hurricane Harvey

Increasingly frequent and devastating climate events are bringing into question whether the costs involved in building and maintaining large dams are worth more

Climate Change, Public Participation | 29 August 2017

Latin America advances on climate change

Some Latin American governments, thankfully, have been taking the lead by adopting laws, implementing policies, and jumpstarting projects that are fundamental to countering extreme changes in more

Protest against fracking

Fracking, Public Participation | 28 August 2017

In Colombia, the power to stop fracking lies with the people

If our governments are committed to continuing to drill for fossil fuels, it’s time for local communities to stand up and demand a future of clean, renewable more


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