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Freshwater Sources | 9 February 2016

AIDA celebrates Court decision to protect Colombia's páramos

Colombia’s Constitutional Court on Monday declared unconstitutional an aspect of the country’s National Development Plan that permitted mining in pá more

Grandes Represas, Fuentes de Agua Dulce, Derechos Humanos | 27 January 2016

Brazilian Court overturns suspension of Belo Monte’s operating license

The Federal Regional Court of the First Region overturned the preliminary decision suspending the operating license of the Belo Monte more

Human Rights, Indigenous Rights | 7 January 2016

IACHR opens case against Brazil for human rights violations related to Belo Monte Dam

Four years after civil society organizations filed their original petition, the Commission opens the case, asking the Brazilian government to respond to allegations of human rights more

Fracking | 10 December 2015

To cool the planet, fracking must be prohibited, organizations say

By emitting large quantities of greenhouse gases, the process itself goes against the central objective of the climate negotiations: stopping global more

| 3 December 2015

Climate initiatives must not include large hydropower projects – NGOs

In a global manifesto released today, a coalition of more than 300 civil society organizations from 53 countries called on governments and financiers at the Paris climate talks to keep more

| 3 December 2015

If we want to cool the planet, fracking must be banned

Statement from the Latin American Alliance On Fracking at COP21: The goal of the 21st Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is to reach an more

Human Rights, Indigenous Rights | 25 November 2015

Brazil authorizes operation of the Belo Monte Dam, disregarding the rights of affected communities

The environmental authority granted the project’s operating license, ignoring evidence of noncompliance with conditions necessary to guarantee the life, health and integrity of indigenous and more

| 26 October 2015

NGOs testify before IACHR regarding violation of the right to water by extractive activities

In a hearing before the Commission, advocates explained how extractive activities, especially mining and energy projects, restrict individual and community water use. They also documented the more

| 6 October 2015

NGOs celebrate suspension of aerial spraying, advance in Colombian environmental law

They highlight the application of the precautionary principle in the resolution to suspend spraying, and pledge to stay alert to the threat posed by the potential manual use of glyphosate or more

| 25 September 2015

AIDA urges Panamanian Supreme Court to protect water sources

Requested the annulment of a resolution that allows large projects like hydroelectric dams to use up to 90 percent of the water in rivers, lakes and other more


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