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Coral reefs, Oceans | 19 November 2015

How can we save coral reefs?

By Haydée Rodríguez When I tell people I live in Costa Rica, they imagine my home on the beach, facing the ocean, waves rolling in from the more

Coral reefs, Oceans | 14 October 2015

Protecting Sea Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico

By Sandra Moguel Every few years, hundreds of hawksbill and kemp’s ridley turtles glide through the warm, shallow waters of the Veracruz Reef more

Coral reefs, Oceans | 14 July 2015

“My Mom Is the Best Lawyer in the World”

“My mom is the best lawyer in the world because she defends the turtles, the corals, the salted forests they have in the sea, and alllll the fish.” more

Coral reefs, Mining | 29 June 2015

Report from the Ramsar Conference

It’s a worrying and undeniable fact: 76 percent of the world’s wetlands have been destroyed in the last 40 years. In Latin America, these more

Coral reefs, Public Participation | 5 June 2015

AIDA Calls for the Effective Protection of Wetlands in the Americas

The Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA) calls on the Member States of the Ramsar Convention to effectively protect wetlands more

Coral reefs, Capacity Building | 3 June 2015

The Montreaux Record: Saving Essential Wetlands

Contamination, deforestation and accelerating urban growth pose serious threats to the health of the world’s wetlands. No tool aimed at more

Coral reefs, Capacity Building | 6 April 2015

International Regulatory Best Practices for Coral Reef Protection

This guide provides examples of effective regulatory tools for protecting coral reefs. These tools can be adapted to the circumstances of various jurisdictions where reefs are at more

Coral reefs, Freshwater Sources | 16 March 2015

Wetlands: Vital and At Risk

Temporarily or permanently flooded extensions of land create wetlands— oxygen-deprived, hybrid ecosystems that combine the characteristics of more

Coral reefs, Oceans | 22 January 2015

Working to protect coral reefs in Mexico and throughout Latin America

In the Gulf of Mexico, 27 coral reefs form a submarine mountain range that runs between six islands in an area stretching for miles. Hundreds more

Coral reefs | 1 November 2014

The Protection of Coral Reefs in Mexico (in Spanish)

This report outlines the importance of coral reefs in the world—in Mexico in particular—and looks to best practices from nations around the region for more


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