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Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Large Dams | 1 April 2015

Belo Monte: The Urgency of Effectively Protecting Human Rights

Four years ago this month, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights took an important step forward for the peoples of the Xingú River Basin. more

Human Rights, Mining | 23 March 2015

Internationally Advocating for Accountability for Human Rights Abuses

Juana [1] is suffering from respiratory problems and her sister has asthma. They live in La Oroya , a small city in Peru’s central Andes. It more

Human Rights, Indigenous Rights | 17 March 2015

Organizations request that the IACHR strengthen State obligations to supervise corporate activities that violate human rights

In a hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, they highlighted the opportunities that the Commission has to address the problem through the creation, implementation and strengthening of international standards on business and human more

Climate Change, Human Rights, Large Dams | 24 February 2015

Four Recommendations for the Summit of the Americas

Inequality has increased in the last decades in Latin America, and this clearly is an obstacle for democracy. Latin America remains the region more

Human Rights, Indigenous Rights | 10 February 2015

UN registered Barro Blanco Hydroelectric Dam temporarily suspended over non-compliance with Environmental Impact Assessment

In a landmark decision, Panama’s National Environmental Authority (ANAM) temporarily suspended the construction of the Barro Blanco hydroelectric dam yesterday over non-compliance with its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).read more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 26 January 2015

Human rights in the new climate agreement: Tomorrow will be too late

Observing the UN Climate Negotiations is like entering another world. Governments, organizations and individuals advance their agendas, and all more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 30 November 2014


Each year, representatives of a variety of nations unite with one purpose: to spur international action to combat climate change. However, in the more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 27 November 2014

Seeking Solutions at the UN Climate Conference

The most important global meeting on climate change is nearing, and expectations are high. The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP20), more

Human Rights, Indigenous Rights | 3 November 2014

Organizations asked that the IACHR urge the Colombian State to comply with international obligations, to declare a moratorium on mining and energy projects, and establish a Working Group between authorities and the affected communities

They also asked that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) urge the State to adequately attend to the victims of the forced displacement caused by the “development” projects, and to begin a dialogue between the victims and the authorities seeking effective solutions to the more

Freshwater Sources, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Large Dams | 22 September 2014

Brazil secures Belo Monte site, but not human rights of affected people

Time doesn’t stop and, unfortunately, nor does the construction of the Belo Monte Dam . Work is advancing at an impressive rate on the Xingu River, more


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