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From left to right, part of the team that worked on the project: Anna Cederstav, codirector of AIDA; Andrea Treece, Earthjustice lawyer; and Haydée Rodríguez, AIDA attorney.

Capacity Building, Oceans | 9 February 2015

Five Reasons to Protect the Peruvian Anchoveta

The anchoveta (Engraulis ringens), a wide-eyed fish 12 to 15 centimeters long, is prevalent in the Pacific coastal waters of Peru. When I first heard of this little fish, I had no idea how more

Climate Change, Human Rights | 26 January 2015

Human rights in the new climate agreement: Tomorrow will be too late

Observing the UN Climate Negotiations is like entering another world. Governments, organizations and individuals advance their agendas, and all are discussed simultaneously: mitigation, adaptation, more

Coral reefs, Oceans | 22 January 2015

Working to protect coral reefs in Mexico and throughout Latin America

In the Gulf of Mexico, 27 coral reefs form a submarine mountain range that runs between six islands in an area stretching for miles. Hundreds of colorful fish species, sea urchins, starfish, and more

Fracking | 12 January 2015

Fracking prohibited in New York, but promoted in Colombia

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking , is more

Accountability and Transparency, Capacity Building, Climate Change | 23 December 2014

COP20 fails to provide certainty on climate finance and human rights

The 20th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP20) was held this month in Lima, Peru, with the goal of drafting a new climate agreement, to more

Photo: María José Veramendi Villa, AIDA attorney, speaks at the Constitutional Court of Peru on incorporating the protection of human rights in the new climate agreement. Credit: Víctor Quintanilla.

Accountability and Transparency, Capacity Building, Climate Change | 15 December 2014

COP20: Towards a climate deal with human rights protections

The impact of climate change on human rights is clear. Yet no international treaty on climate change makes reference to­ human rights, nor does any human rights treaty reference climate change. more

Photo: Ariél Pérez, AIDA attorney, discusses the legal tools to tackle fracking. Credit: Victor Quintanilla.

Fracking | 11 December 2014

COP20: Fracking, an experimental, hazardous and contaminating technique

During an event at the People’s Summit on Climate Change, a parallel event to more

climate finance event

Accountability and Transparency, Capacity Building, Climate Change | 3 December 2014

COP 20: And what about the effective use of climate finance?

The amount of money required to confront the effects of extreme climate changes is much larger than currently sought in global negotiations. Clearly more resources are needed, but it is more


Accountability and Transparency, Capacity Building, Climate Change | 2 December 2014

COP20: Protecting human rights in all climate actions

By Víctor Quintanilla, AIDA Communications Coordinator, @vico_qs All countries have an obligation to fight climate change. But they more

Accountability and Transparency, Capacity Building, Climate Change | 1 December 2014

COP20: It’s All On Our Shoulders Now

ECO/Climate Action Network We are very happy to be in Lima, and ECO is ready to get right to it. COP20 needs to deliver on enough confidence building measures to ensure climate action and more


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